Scientific Supply Center (SSC)

We carry a wide variety of items for the research lab, ranging from molecular biology reagents to office supplies. If we do not stock an item, we will be happy to place a special order request with our regular weekly orders from our vendors.

Life Technologies / Invitrogen

When ordering thru the Life Technologies Supply Center system, please be sure to log in before adding items to the cart. This will ensure you receive the correct pricing and billing options during checkout. If you are prompted for non-Supply Center billing info then you are not in Supply Center mode and need to empty your shopping cart, log out, and then re-add your items.

Freezer Program @ Supply Center

Already registered with Life Technologies? Place your orders at the Life Technologies Supply Center.

Special orders can be made online with free delivery to the RRC Supply Center. Orders placed before noon on Monday will arrive at the Supply Center on Tuesday, and orders placed before noon on Wednesday will arrive on Thursday.

Please check our inventory online prior to ordering non-stocked items to save on the handling charge.