Research Histology and Tissue Imaging Core (RHTIC)

Research Histology and Tissue Imaging Core (RHTIC) The RHTIC is located in the College of Medicine Research Building (room 6100 and 6120) and provides a wide range of basic and advanced services focused on the preparation and analysis of both animal model and human tissues.

Tissue Imaging Sub-Core (TISC)

The Imaging Sub-Core offers two major digital microscopy systems: the Aperio Scanscope CS® for whole-slide brightfield imaging and the PerkinElmer Vectra® for multispectral imaging in brightfield or fluorescence. Available software for image analysis includes Definiens Tissue Studio®, Developer XD®, and PerkinElme inForm®.

Services provided include the following:

  • Whole slide digital scans of fixed or frozen tissue or cytological samples.
  • Visualization and annotation of your own slides with a free, web-based, image viewer (Aperio ImageScope®)
  • Image analysis using machine learning and stain quantification
  • Analysis of tissue microarrays (TMAs)
  • Analysis of multiplexed targets in a single slide using conventional fluorescent dyes or Opal® tyramide signal amplification technology (PerkinElmer)

Core facility users can bring stained slides for scanning, but most projects will use slides stained at the integrated Histology Sub-Core. Please schedule a consultation visit to discuss new projects (Ryan Deaton, Facility Manager for Imaging (, tel: 312-355-4338).
Training and unassisted use of the Aperio scanner is available.
Server-based image storage is available for a fee; most users will take away their images on a portable hard drive.

Please see the Wiki pages for additional details about the Aperio and Vectra imaging systems.