Research Histology and Tissue Imaging Core (RHTIC)

Research Histology and Tissue Imaging Core (RHTIC) The RHTIC is located in the College of Medicine Research Building (room 6100 and 6120) and provides a wide range of basic and advanced services focused on the preparation and analysis of both animal model and human tissues.

Research Histology Sub-Core (RHC)

The Histology SubĀ­Core is a fully equipped histology lab that offers the following services:

  • Fixation, processing, and embedding of tissues in paraffin
  • Sectioning and slide preparation of both fixed and frozen samples
  • Direct chemical stains (e.g., H&E, trichrome, Picrosirius red, toluidine blue)
  • Immunostaining (manual or automated) with chromogenic or fluorescent dyes; optimization of stains for novel targets including antibody selection
  • Multiplex stains (chromogenic or fluorescence), including OpalĀ® tyramide signal amplification for multiplexed immunofluorescenc
  • Pathologist consultation for slide interpretation
  • Training and unassisted use of a microtome and cryostat

All service requests must include a list of samples; please download our template

For more complex projects (antibody optimization, multiplexing) please schedule a consultation appointment with Rami Hayajneh, Facility Manager for Histology, (, tel: 312-996-3869). All projects involving imaging must have a joint consultation with the Tissue Imaging Sub Core.