Carl Zeiss LSM 510 META

Carl Zeiss LSM 510 META

Location: Medical ScienceS Building, E-330

  Unassisted Assisted
(1 hr)
UIC Cost $35 (per hour) $70 (per hour)
Other Academic $55 (per hour) $80 (per hour)
Non-Academic$70 (per hour) $105 (per hour)


The Zeiss LSM 510 META confocal microscope is a versatile imaging system that is ideal for most standard fluorescent microscopy applications. As a confocal microscope, the instrument features a variable pinhole that can be controlled (via software) to restrict out-of-plane light, thereby collecting and resolving thin sections of fluorescent signals from a sample.

The so-called META detection module of the LSM 510 META can provide fast acquisition of image stacks with spectral information for each pixel. With its unique emission fingerprinting technique, it permits the clean separation of several, even spectrally overlapping, fluorescence signals of a specimen. The laser and configuration settings are suitable for fluorescence recovery after photobleaching (FRAP) experiments, Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET) measurements, ratiometic imaging, and a number of time-course acquisition options.

Upon request, the LSM 510 META can be equipped with the Bioptechs temperature control system for live cell studies, as well as the CellBiology Trading AIS2 microinjection system for the injection of single cells.

More details can be found at the RRC Wiki guide for this instrument.

Technical Specifications

Available excitation lasers include:
• 25 mW diode UV laser = 405 nm (BFP, DAPI, Hoechst)
• 30 mW tunable Ar laser = 458, 477, 488, 514 nm (458, 477 for CFP; 488 for GFP, CY2, FITC; 514 for YFP)
• 1 mW HeNe laser = 543 nm (Rhodamine, CY3, Propidium Iodide, Alexa 546)
• 3 mW HeNe laser = 633 nm (deep red, CY5)

Currently configured objectives include:
5x/0.12 A-Plan
10x/0.25 Ph1 A-Plan
25x/0.8 Multi Immersion DIC Plan-Neofluar
32x/0.4 Long Distance Ph1 A-Plan
63x/1.2 Water DIC C-Apochromat
100x/1.3 Oil Plan-Neofluar

The microscope contains 2 PMTs (photomultiplier tubes) and 1 polychromatic META detector, which can also be used as an additional PMT.

The "ChS" (META) PMT can operate in lambda mode with an emission filter range from 411-750 nm.

The "Ch2" PMT2 emission filter options have the following designations:
• LP 420 (DAPI)
• LP 475 (CFP)
• BP 565-595 (CY3, Rhod, TxRd)
• BP 420-480 (CFP)
• BP 470-500
• BP 475-525
• BP 505-530 (GFP, FITC, Alexa 488)

The "Ch3" PMT3 emission filter options have the following designations:
• LP 505 (GFP, FITC, Alexa 488)
• LP 560
• LP 650 (CY5)
• BP 625-655 (CY5)
• BP 505-530 (GFP, FITC, Alexa 488)
• BP 505-550 (GFP, FITC, Alexa 488)
• BP 530-560 (YFP)
• BP 560-615