Description of the Research Resources Center at UIC

This review of our organization and services is provided for investigators who need information about the RRC for inclusion in their grant applications. Please feel free to include all or any portion of these documents into your grant as your needs require. See also the Long Description of this review.


The Research Resources Center (RRC) of the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) is a division of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research. The RRC has been providing core support for research at UIC for over 50 years. RRC personnel provide user access to instrumentation, training on use of the instruments, and their own service and expertise in the application of resources for the purpose of solving of a wide range of problems for chemical, biological and structural characterization. At present its research support services consist of 20 cores, centers and laboratories: The Imaging Center (light microscopy); Electron Microscopy; MRI and Animal Imaging; Research Histology and Tissue Imaging; Flow Cytometry; Mass Spectrometry, Metabolomics and Proteomics; DNA Services & Genomics; the Center for Research Informatics; the Protein Research Laboratory; the Molecular Interactions Laboratory; High Throughput Screening Laboratory; The Center for Structural Biology; the Transgenic Production Service; the Center for Cardiovascular Research core; The Nanotechnology Core Facility; Scientific Instrument Shop; and scientific Supply Center. In the past decade the RRC has expanded markedly, adding 10 new cores while consolidating and expanding others. The RRC occupies roughly 48,000 sq ft of laboratory and office space in seven locations, and it currently has over 65 employees with each shared resource directed by a PhD scientist.

An Executive Advisory Panel consisting of six faculty members along with the Associate Deans of Research from the five research intensive colleges advise the RRC with respect to the long-term needs of the faculty. In addition, smaller, three-member committees consisting of funded users of each research service advise the facility directors and the RRC administration. The UIC administration supports the RRC by providing approximately one third of the operating cost and additionally contributes to new equipment purchases. Another important source of funding is grants obtained in collaboration with campus investigators and when necessary supplemented with matching money from the UIC units. Nearly 2,000 investigators made use of RRC services in the last fiscal year. The basic (non-capital) operating budget was approximately $9 million in FY13. Over the last 5 years, $12M in new instrumentation has been added using UIC, and federal funds with two NSF MRI and six NIH S10 grants.