RRC Executive Advisory Panel & Advisory Committees

Executive Advisory Panel

The Research Resources Executive Advisory Panel (RRCEAP) is appointed by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research to provide advice and recommendations concerning the management of the RRC in terms of continuing the development of progressive, service oriented programs that are responsive to the needs of the faculty. The committee is currently chaired by Rochelle Cohen and includes Randy Jaffe, Luke Hanley, Ken Brezinsky, Steve Swanson and Thomas Diekwisch. The committee also includes, as ex-officio members, the Associate Deans for Research of the colleges whose faculty are major users of the RRC. The Panel meets monthly with the RRC “Executive Committee” to review the year to date progress of the RRC and discuss both long and short term goals and objectives for the RRC. The RRCEAP functions as a type of “external peer review process” and provides the OVCR and the RRC management with an honest and open assessment.

Advisory Committees

The Advisory Committees of the Research Resource Center (RRC) are appointed to provide the leadership of the RRC and the Research Resources Center Executive Advisory Panel (RRCEAP) with their input on the current status of the existing programs and the future direction in which the programs should be headed from the user’s perspective. These committees are made up of major users of the instrumentation/service who receive external support to fund their usage of RRC facilities. The future of the RRC rests on meeting the needs of the funded users, and these individuals should be involved in the process so that their research interests are protected. This year the committees will be reviewing the results of the users' survey and the plans developed to address the issues and suggestions raised by those who responded to the survey. They will also be helping to develop a strategic plan to address the needs of the facility over the next one, two and three years. These plans will then be used by the administration of the RRC and RRCEAP to establish priorities for commitment of resources and for the submission of instrument grants. The current user committees are:

Confocal Microscopy Facility

Dave Geenen Medicine
Primal De Lanerolle Physiology and Biophysics
W. Cho Chemistry

Core Genomics Facility

Robert Folberg Pathology
Doug Feinstein Anesthesiology
Terry Unterman Endocrinology

DNA Sequencing

Donald Lavelle Hematology/Oncology
Andy Mesecar Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Gonzalo Izaguirre Molecular Biology of Oral Diseases

Electron Microscopy Service

Anna Lysakowski Anatomy and Cell Biology
Mike McNallan Civil and Materials Engineering
Jim Drummond Restorative Dentistry
Sid Ghosh Electrical Engineering

Flow Cytometry Service

Bellur Prabhakar Microbiology and Immunology
Karen Snapp Pharmacology
David Ucker Microbiology and Immunology

Mass Spectrometry Laboratory

Sylvie Blond Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Andy Mesecar Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Duncan Wardrop Chemistry
David Crich Chemistry

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory

Richard Magin Bioengineering
Guido Pauli Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy
Dave Lankin Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy

Protein Research Laboratory

Richard Gemeinhart Pharmaceutics
Tohru Kozasa Pharmacology
Anne George Oral Biology

Transgenic Production Service

Jennifer Schmidt Biological Sciences
Lester Lau Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics
Ann Martin Physiology and Biophysics

Scientific Supply Center

Randy Jaffe Physiology and Biophysics
Tohru Kozasa Pharmacology
Anna Lysakowski Anatomy and Cell Biology
William Hendrickson Microbiology and Immunology